Darth Hoodie stymied after losses

Statistics don’t lie. Bill Belichick hates losing so much he refuses to speak after it happens:

We started by looking at how long each of them is willing to stand in front of the podium. There’s actually not much variation between the two; Belichick answers questions with an average of 72 words, whereas Brady’s answers average 60 words. However, the difference in the two personalities becomes apparent when we split these averages up by wins and losses. Brady’s answer length barely changes; after a win, his average response length is 59 words, as compared to 62 words following a loss. Belichick is quite a bit less eager to talk to the media after a defeat. Though he averages 82-word answers following a win, he cuts his responses to an average of 25 words after a loss, less than one-third of his post-victory average.