Darlington’s profile on Chuck Pagano

Jeff Darlington posted a profile on Chuck Pagano on NFL.com this morning, and it is one of the most thorough, well-done pieces I've seen on him. My words can't do it justice, so here's the link

But these days, in the harsh wake of a successful battle with acute promyelocytic leukemia — a disease that still forces him to take 10-milligram pills of an anti-cancer drug called all-trans retinoic acid (or ATRA) — there is no ride too scary. There is no pill too tough to swallow. There is nothing, not a bad practice or a hard loss, that will make this survivor flinch.

"Every day when I was sick, you just ask, 'Please heal me,' " Pagano said. "As you're going to sleep, you say, 'Please heal me.' Wake up in the morning, 'Please heal me.' Then, when you're healed, when you're going to sleep, when you're waking up, you just thank God you got through it. You take no days for granted. You live life to the fullest. What's that song?

"You live like you were dying."

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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