Daniels: Complete Colts Preview, Luck, and More

There's not much more to say about the Colts and Jaguar's week 3 win over Indy. The only reason it matters now is that, without Jacksonville's last play, the Colts would be 6-2 right now; one game out of the AFC South. Imagine that. They'd also be perfect at home, and on a 6-1 tear. Imagine that.

With that in mind, Indy travels to Jacksonville for a Thursday night game. Bad news: Fleener is still out. Bad news for the Jags: MJD's going to be out this game with a foot injury. All news on the game: Tim Daniels's feature piece for the Bleacher Report, filling in all the stats, storylines, and news you need to know heading into Thursday.

[Luck] is coming off one of his best showings of the season, throwing for 433 yards and two touchdowns to lead the Colts past the Miami Dolphins. There are going to be a lot more games like that in the coming years. In the first game against Jacksonville, however, he struggled. He complete less than 50 percent of his passes and didn't throw a second-half touchdown in a close game. Luck needs to elevate his level of play this time around for the Colts to win.

So, if we're counting on Luck's play to secure a Colts victory … I'm saying Colts, all the way. It might also be good to note that LeVon Brazill has turned into another rookie weapon at Luck's disposal, with a pair of catches Sunday (including a nice toe-step for a first down). Even though he and Hilton couldn't secure long throws by Luck, they've been improving as the season progresses. Unlike Jacksonville, they're a different team now; the Jags have only gone backwards.