Could Indy’s Offensive Line Be a Problem in 2013?

The title should probably read "Will they still be a problem in 2013", and Tyler Brooke from Stampede Blue makes a good case for why they … might be. I'm still optimistic for a better 2013 squad, but that's like hoping for a better Indy team at this time last year. I mean, if they played any worse, at least three (Mike McGlynn included?) would never start again.

The Colts brought in two guys who were supposed to bring in some depth (or even fight for a starting spot) on the line. However, both guys have been fighting with injuries. Thornton was in a boot to start camp, and although he is now out of the boot and waiting to come back, lingering issues with the injury could resurface at any time in the season. Perhaps more concerning is the issue with Holmes. Back on Tuesday, it appeared that he sprained his right ankle once again in practice, having to be carted off of the field.

The Colts are one of the worst teams in the league for losing people to injury, so it's a wonder they don't change their training staff personnel more regularly … still, Brooke's points are valid. Most Colt linemen last year got injured at least once, and the key to good protection is consistency. Take that away, and the flaws of Indy's O-line will easily overshadow any improvements yielded on the offseason.