Could Andrew Luck be an MVP Candidate?

It reads like a best-case scenario for 2013, but Michael Schottey's article on Andrew Luck's MVP chances next year gives some pause. Apparently, the second year QB could go from being the next best thing to … the best thing?

Overall, Luck should be able to play a lot better with a few extra possessions and his average possession being a few yards shorter. In a game of inches, it's as if the Colts defense was leaving all of the inches for the opponents in 2012. It is more than possible—even probable—that Luck could take a huge step forward from a rookie season where the chips seemed stacked against him. While there's a lot of football left to be played, Luck is a legitimate MVP candidate heading into 2013, and no one should be surprised if he's being handed a lot of hardware at the end of his second season.

I can't say that I expect Luck to be discussed in MVP talks next year, mostly because – besides going 14-2 or better – Indy will have either missed expectations, or covered them. Everyone expects improvement this year, especially with a major personnel upgrade during the offseason. MVP candidates generally go above-and-beyond expectations as well as being the key to their team's success, and with better parts surrounding him, how can Luck take nearly-full credit like last year?

With his supporting cast being what it is this year, Luck will need to break multiple passing records, lead his team to a clear conference-best record, or have key players go down and still win games; I don't see any of that happening. This year.