Cosell expands upon Luck comments

Greg Cosell has an opinion that Luck isn’t a “special” passer. He’s crazy. I don’t know any other way to say it but crazy gets airplay. And he gets more airplay today with Mike Florio of PFT:

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He firmly believes that Griffin is a better passer. Let me break it down for you: Griffin is two inches shorter and has a three-quarters motion. Cosell calls this “natural.”  I call it something that rhymes with “course fit.” Griffin is a good passer but calling it “natural” and perhaps better than Luck is crazy.

Luck has a solid throwing motion, enough strength and accuracy to complete 70 yard bombs. More importantly I see two traits an NFL passer needs that Luck possesses: the ability to read defenses and incredible pocket presence. More often than Luck, Griffin feels the pressure and takes off. Luck has enough athletic ability to run but I saw him stand in the pocket and take the hit to make the completion more frequently than Griffin. Passing is much more than arm strength as Cosell does a poor job of pointing out.

His arm strength is without question not as good as Griffin. It’s not as a good as Jamarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf either for that matter