Copeland: Luck Expects Hybrid Offense in ’13

It's interesting to hear what Andrew Luck has to say on the recent personnel changes in the Colts coaching staff, especially given their direct impact on his future. According to NFL writer Kareem Copeland, the Indy QB is expecting a sort-of 'hybrid' offense in 2013.

The Colts' hiring of Hamilton obviously sits well with Luck. He was the Heisman Trophy runner-up under Hamilton's direction. "He's a great quality human being," Luck said. "He's going to work his butt off on the game plan, on football. I've always had a great relationship with him."

A lot of critics ride Luck on his poor passing percentage and interceptions, without taking into consideration the situations he was put in. A porous offensive line mixed with a vertical passing game is a nearly impossible situation to put a veteran quarterback in, let alone a rookie; with a shorter passing attack, Luck will be able to get the ball off quicker (and get hit a lot less).