Colts With a Run Game: What?

It looks a little early to say, but the Associated Press just reported that the 2012 Indianapolis Colts have a run game. Shocking, right? Still, I'm thinking it must be true. 147 yards on Sunday, next to 186 passing yards, with a backup running back. In perspective, the Colts rushed for over 100 yards five times last year, and have already rushed for 100+ three times in six games this year.

Andrew Luck needs a run game. Unlike Manning, he doesn't have enough experience to work through a pass-only offense like the Colts had become. His speed helps cover up errors in a porous O-line (on display last week, especially in the second half), and gives Indy's offense a very different feel from the last decade and a half. With a run game – a consistant, Donald-Brown-inspired run game – their offense could probably match Houston's.

Also, Mewelde Moore has to go. Nine attempts, fourteen yards? Are you serious?