Colts vs. Cleveland, Should be a Challenge

Cleveland is probably trying pretty hard at this point, but their effort is paying off. While wins against St. Louis and Detroit – the latter being a 24-6 blowout – are hardly as notable as wins against, say, Green Bay and Dallas, both the Lions and Rams looked bad against the Browns. Like, really, really bad.

And both teams were/are looking to turn things around this year.

Meanwhile, Cleveland's tentative success comes behind a clearly revamped offense – spearheaded by quarterback Brandon Weeden, with 18/25, 229 yards and three touchdowns over the last two games.

Weeden certainly has some talented — if not quite polished — offensive weapons at his disposal, especially at wide receiver. Josh Gordon and Greg Little have the speed to seriously challenge the Colts' secondary, which was anything but spectacular last season. David Nelson, formerly of the Buffalo Bills, could also be back after missing some time with a knee injury. 

Is this … going to be a tough game? The Colts looked good against New York, and it's only preseason action, but typically, poorer teams can shine in the preseason. And hey, as it looks now, Cleveland might just be the very best of the worst.

Cue the following tweet right after the game: 

"sry we dint take game srsly! The B's had our #, my wtrboys wl b hearing frm me ASAP. Dnt worry fans wins r rite round the cornr!"

~ Jim Irsay