Colts Sign WR, Grigson on Arians

The Colts have been showing more interest in non-NFL leagues for football talent recently; first the CFL, and now the Arena Football League, have piqued the interest of Ryan Grigson. The Colts recently signed Jeremy Kelley to a future contract; the 6'6'' wide receiver has experience playing tight end and defensive end, which (given his 42 inch vertical) may make him an inside threat.

In other news, Coach Pagano and GM Grigson have offered their congratulations to Bruce Arians, who went from being fired as an offensive co-ordinator in Pittsburgh to the head coach in Arizona in barely a year. I'm curious to see how Arians will deal with the second worst offense in the league, but can't be that optimistic; Arizona has never been able to draft as well as the Colts.