Colts Running Game Looking to Take Off in 2013

It hasn't been outstanding – or good – for a while, but with the addition of Ahmad Bradshaw and the rise of Vick Ballard (the spin of Vick Ballard?), the Colts look to have one of the deeper run games in the league. If 2013 develops like Pep Hamilton wants it to, ex-Raider Darrius Heyward-Bey and TY Hilton should stretch out the defense enough to give the Colts some serious running space. Andrew Fisher expands on the Colts running situation at the moment, via Rant Sports.

Bradshaw [has a] history with foot problems, so keeping him fresh will be essential. With three capable ball carriers, that shouldn’t be a problem. Sure, the Colts rolled the dice a little bit by signing Bradshaw after offseason surgery, but they were a team that could afford to do it. Worst case scenario, they’ll be back to where they were last year.

Fisher omits two subtle details. First, with the addition of Bradshaw, the Colts are finally set up to hold a lead. Brown and Ballard aren't power backs, so any leads last year were often followed by three-and-outs. Hopefully, with Bradshaw's help, they'll be able to nail down a few late-game opportunities.

Also, a deeper running game nearly eliminates the need for Andrew Luck to scurry for first downs next season. With a stronger running game, Indy's QB should be under pressure far less than last season. In the end, the emphasis towards a powerful ground attack is an investment in Luck's health.