Colts players happy with their job, given previous ones

In a curious little side article, Phil Richards goes into the backgrounds of guys like Vick Ballard and Pat McAfee, and the previous jobs they had before the NFL. While it's tough to see them as normally working people (my watering-plants-at-the-crack-of-dawn job isn't televised), Richards's article gives a very human perspective to Indy's players.

Vick Ballard was the big man on campus at Pascagoula (Miss.) High School, at least until track practice ended on Friday evenings. Then he hustled directly to Taco Bell, there to work 5 p.m. to 5 a.m., making burritos, taking orders, bagging meals.

"The line would be strung out all the way around the parking lot, people leaving clubs and bars and stuff like that," said Ballard, who is out for the season while recovering from reconstructive knee surgery. "We were the only Taco Bell in my city, so everybody came to Taco Bell, especially late at night when everything else was closed."

The prize for worst job in the bunch: Jeff Linkenbach, painter assistant. Remember how your dad or mom would always ask you to do the mundane, sanding/cleaning jobs, while they got to have all the fun lathering the bathroom walls with seafoam-blue paint? That was Linkenbach's job, except the mom/dad figure was his family's business.

(speaking of, do the Dolphins know what their uniforms look like? I mean, seriously. Someone needs to say something)