Colts Injury Report: Progressing Throughout the Week

The link to the official injury report is updated daily, reporting on players statuses for the upcoming week and their participation in practices. This week, we're watching for:

Donald Brown – Ankle

Dwight Freeney – Rest

Winston Justice – Head

Andrew Luck – Knee

Cory Redding – Ankle

Joe Reitz – Head

Tom Zbikowski -Knee

Don't panic about Luck – he's been on the 'not actually injured, but we want another reason to post his name' since week eight, on and off. He also hasn't missed a practice. I really don't know why teams choose to do this, so if anyone has suggestions, post them below or twitter me @Jorgelfman. As for the rest, their status will be updated every night after practice, up until Saturday – so check back.