Colts Injury Report: Brown, Mathis Miss Practice

The Patriots are doing a bang-up job of reporting injuries on both sides of the ball; according to a recent report by, the Colts may be missing a few pieces this week. Donald Brown and Coby Fleener may be out this week (after missing two practices, on Wednesday and Thursday), and Vontae Davis, Robert Mathis, and Josh Chapman took a seat on Thursday.

Who the Colts NEED on Sunday: Davis, Mathis, and Brown. If Davis is out, their already banged-up secondary will get yet another hole, leaving Cassius Vaughn as their third string CB (groan). Mathis is the most crucial piece to Indy's pass rush; without him, they have trouble forcing any sacks whatsoever, Jacksonville excluded.

If Brown is out, their run game takes a blow; the Colts need one this week to take the pressure off Luck. If Ballard wasn't doing a decent job filling in for him, this would be the most important injury to report.