Colts In Line for ESPYs?

The ESPYs (July 17th) have given Indy fans a few things to talk about; Chuck Pagano's return from Leukemia has been nominated in the "Best Moment" category, and Bruce Arains is up for Coach of the Year. Paul Kuharsky has the general breakdown, but both entries seem to have a lot of steam.

"Best Moment" won't be tough to call. It won't go to Alex Morgan, playing a sport few Americans watch, in a semifinal match, against a team who wasn't supposed to win. Andy Murray's medal was cool, but definitely didn't send little shivers down the spines of every American. That leaves Pagano's return, against the probable winner – a moment that sent multiple Hollywood execs into a hunt for story rights.

Seriously, though. If you doubt me, watch the video in the link.

Best coach/Assistant will be a toss-up, but it shouldn't go to Geno Auriemma or Erik Spoelstra, given what they had to start with. I hail from Canada, where Lacrosse is our national (summer) sport, and I don't watch it; hence, the chances that Danowski wins are slim. That leaves Arains and Pinto; a feel-good success story that fizzled out, vs. a dominant championship victory. If The Bad News Bears starts streaming on PBS the night before, Arains might have a shot. We'll see.