Colts fans not disloyal

Nate Dunlevy tackles the problematic nature of understanding why there are still 1,800 season tickets available. In attempting to document the numerous challenges the team faces to selling tickets to fans who are clearly still dismayed by the way the team has approached them during this offseason’s transition Nate notes one critical underlying theme:

Furthermore, the Colts have done a terrible job reaching out to fans who are frustrated with the direction of the franchise. Long known as the most restrictive team in terms of media relations, the Colts have recently thawed toward theIndianapolis Star, but have left most other media outlets out in the cold.

Their recent botching of the release of the blackout news is a prime example of the team disregarding public relations. They’ve repeatedly missed opportunities to get in front of stories, piling up negative publicity in the process.

The Colts still do not credential online writers, meaning that their fans under the age of 40 are not getting the coverage of the team they deserve and demand.

There’s little to no evidence the Colts face any long-term crisis among their fans. Everyone agrees most if not all games will sell out in 2012, and the larger economic issues facing the nation will hopefully soften as well.

In the short run, the team could do itself a huge favor by modernizing the way it relates to fans and by creating a more acceptable policy concerning the preseason.

He’s right as usual about this affair. Greater transparency and improved communication with the Colts community builds trust. To date the team has shown many signs of working toward improved relationships with the media and fans alike but much work needs to be done.

Todd Smith

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