Reviews 1998

It might just be one of's many season reviews, but '98 was especially significant in laying the groundwork for the last decade and a half of Indy's success. Far less depressing than its predecessor (1997's "turning point" was a Buffalo game in which the Colts blew a 26 point lead), 1998 saw the beginning of the "Peyton Manning" era, if not the beginning of the "Winning" era. writer Tom Rietmann has the season overview here. My favorite quote:

“It’s good to get a win and know that we are capable of doing it,” Manning said after gaining the victory over his fellow rookie quarterback, Leaf.  “Hopefully, there will be a lot more to come.”

Besides the irony of Manning and the Colts taking off, Leaf fizzling out, and San Diego going on to ruin a perfect season bid and multiple playoff runs after his departure, it's nice to look back on moments like that. It's also fun to consider that, with a better running back by far (Marshall Faulk), and Marvin Harrison, Manning only managed three wins – eight less than Andrew Luck's Colts, less than 15 years later.