Questions with Whalen

My brother and I were watching the game on Sunday, gradually sinking further and further into despair, when Griff Whalen got his first NFL catch. The ensuing discussion was something like:

"Who's that?"
"Griff Whalen. Second year, had an awesome preseason. Start of the preseason."
"Oh" … pause. (after second catch, a few minutes later) "So, he's Austin Collie."
"… seems like it."

Because, you know. Whalen is in the perfect position to play slot, in a similar way to Collie. The Colts have a #1 wideout (Wayne) and a downfeild guy (Hilton. Did you see that catch?); Whalen has the speed to put him downfield, but his hands make him invaluable as an underneath receiver. Played correctly, Whalen could easily be brought in to mix up the offense, and his ability to score mirrored Collie's during the preseason.

Not to say that he's the same guy as Collie, but Whalen certainly reminded us of him on Sunday.

For an interview, courtesy of, follow this link.

Q:  You have a few other Stanford teammates here in this locker room in Andrew Luck and Coby Fleener. What was that like having those guys here and going through the transition together?

A:  “It’s really nice, especially last year it just made it so much easier, so much more comfortable, just having even a couple guys that you already know. That was really nice. At this point, we’ve all made a bunch of other friendships and know all the other guys, but last year I think it made a big difference for all three of us, I’m sure.”

Speaking of surprisingly good performances on Sunday, Coby Fleener. Two – ahem, one – touchdown, four receptions, almost 70 yards. Allen was out, but Fleener still wasn't guarded properly on most plays, and the Colts were able to torch Miami a few times as a result. At the end of the day, the biggest 'winner' on Indy's offense was, without a doubt, Fleener.

Would have been Brown, who ran really well – better than Bradshaw, I thought – but that last missed block was too tough to get around. Otherwise, both players made solid statements on Sunday.