Colts Central Podcast, Starring Dominic Rhodes

Did the dirty work. Rushed for over 100 yards in the superbowl. According to Rhodes, in the most recent Colts Central Podcast, football was basically his life. While highlights include Rhodes' favorite memories (including the Manning-to-Harrison combination, time after time) and how he's progressed outside of the NFL, the entire podcast is both a blast from the past and a solid listen, especially on your way to work. Or over breakfast. Or during your Friday afternoon tea.

"Every day I smile," says Rhodes. "I always tried to be one of the best teammates possible."

And hey, who doesn't like bringing up the Edge, Marv, and Manning? Certainly, the best part of the entire podcast is when they ask Rhodes about James, and you can feel the runningback light up. "He was a monster," says Rhodes. "He was a beast." … yup.