Bleacher Report: Colts Missing too Many Pieces to Shed the Soft Label Yet

You might be asking yourself, “Did that game really happen?”  Yes, it did.  Nevertheless, we’re burning through a couple more links after the Colts’ 60 minute debacle. 

Bleacher Report‘s Brandon Alisoglu says the 2012 Colts are still just too soft to scare anyone.  It sounds like some kind of scathing rebuke of the team, but the tone really is more along the lines of the Colts needing a few more pieces to make their plan work on defense and offense.  Alisoglu appears to believe the Colts are a soft team trying to run a hard-nosed scheme and says the Colts need “a thumper:”

The Baltimore Ravens have Ray Lewis, and the Chicago Bears have Brian Urlacher. Despite their lowered statures in the league hierarchy, they are still leaders who will physically pound on anything that comes across their face.

There isn’t any player on the Colts who inspires that feeling.

It could be argued that Pat Angerer was developing into that kind of  player before his injury.  Connor is also a tough run stopper.  But the jury is still out on whether either of them could become that middle linebacker that makes opposing offenses think twice about running the ball. 

Meanwhile, as Packers fans said last Sunday, next week will be better.