Colts 2012 Draft: The Best Ever

Okay, so we don't know that for sure yet (and won't for at least a decade), but Chris Wesseling's piece on Indy's 2012 draft highlights its potential: basically, if every player's rookie season is a preview towards their career, at least two or three guys could go down as HOF members, and most could become Pro Bowl regulars before long.

The 2012 Colts class won't match the 1974 Steelers class in Hall of Famers, but it will be interesting to watch the yardage pile up over the next decade if they stick together beyond their rookie contracts. My research turned up no better collection of skill-position talent from one draft.

There's also a thrilling bit on Luck, writing which makes me an automatic fan of Wesseling's.

Despite awful pass protection, Luck still was entrusted with making the most difficult throws in the league. Unlike Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson, Luck was outfitted with neither training wheels nor a gimmicky offense. I've never seen a rookie quarterback with Luck's combination of superior pocket presence, ideal size, physical toughness and movement with purpose.

Gimmicky offense. Training wheels. Take that, ROY voters.