Collinsworth shocked by Luck

It isn’t often that Cris Collinsworth says something positive about the Colts. It’s even more rare (possibly the first) time I’ve quoted him without being snarky. Nonetheless Mike Chappell caught Collinsworth at a bit of a loss after seeing the Colts at Anderson before they wrapped up camp:

Cris Collinsworth is well schooled on the NFL as an NBC analyst, and he was shocked by the Colts’ 38-3 dismantling of the St. Louis Rams.

“You don’t go new head coach, new GM (general manager), new offensive coordinator, new defensive coordinator, new quarterback and look like that in your first preseason game. You just don’t,” he said.

Collinsworth was on the practice field for a midweek Colts workout at Anderson University, making mental notes in preparation for tonight’s nationally-televised game in Pittsburgh.

“It startled me, it really did,” he said. “And so did Luck. Everybody knew he was going to be good, but he understood some things that guys that age don’t understand.”

If only it left him speechless.