CHFF: Gregg Williams average at best

Kerry Byrne took to the stats to find out if the bounty system employed by Gregg Williams in New Orleans (and most likely all of his teams) had an impact:

The Cold, Hard Football Facts are not pretty, folks: Williams has fielded some nice defenses. But he’s also fielded plenty of bad defenses. At the end of the day, he is what his team’s performances say he is: an average coach of average defenses.

In fact, he might have been below average before joining Drew Brees and Sean Payton in New Orleans. Before that 2009 season, teams went 94-98 with Williams on the sideline as head coach or defensive coordinator.

The Saints are the only team that has consistently won with Williams on the sideline: 37-11 in the regular season, plus a Super Bowl title in 2009. But the Cold, Hard Football Facts are pretty clear: those teams did not win because of their defenses. The Saints surrendered more than 344 yards per game in Williams’ three seasons as DC.

In other words Williams is as Bryne says, “just another coach” who used an utterly unethical and potentially criminal scheme to improve his defenses. In the end, it appears to have been relatively unsuccessful despite what pundits say.