CHFF: Brady never was a deep play guy

Our own Captain Comeback Scott Kacsmar completely debunks the notion that Tom Brady and the Patriots were EVER good at the deep ball:

No, you saw highlights. Specifically, you saw Brady throw 15 touchdown passes that year on passes of 20+ yards. In 2006 he had only 7. Throw in the Moss factor and the opportunity for the spectacular catch, and it’s likely you saw a lot more of these plays than you would have the previous year.

  • 2006: Brady was 23/63 for 735 yards, 7 TD, 5 INT on passes thrown 20+ yards.
  • 2007: Brady was 28/69 for 1,112 yards, 15 TD, 5 INT on passes thrown 20+ yards.
  • 2009: Brady was 16/60 for 701 yards, 9 TD, 6 INT on passes thrown 20+ yards.
  • 2010: Brady was 14/36 for 537 yards, 6 TD, 2 INT on passes thrown 20+ yards.
  • 2011: Brady was 13/45 for 474 yards, 5 TD, 0 INT on passes thrown 20+ yards.

By comparison, Eli Manning led the league with 96 attempts of 20+ yards this season, completing 35 of those passes.

Sure, Randy Moss can make you a more effective downfield passer, but the offense Brady is more comfortable with revolves around the short passing game because it plays to his strengths better

Todd Smith

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