Chappell: Wayne Not Fined by NFL

If you really need anything else to feel good about, you should read this article by Mike Chappell, about how Wayne will not be fined for a uniform violation on Sunday. I thought the headline was odd, because it didn’t specify why he was being fined (what, he played so well they needed to make an example of him?), but it’s a good piece on the league’s decency. Wayne as reported by Chappell, afterwards:

“I wasn’t sure how it was going to go as far as getting fined, but I said I would take this one for the team. If they fine me, they fine me. I really feel like that would be a terrible thing to do to fine me with everything that’s been going on, but so be it. I’ll take that fine and go out there and do it for Chuck.”

Remember those orange gloves Wayne wore on Sunday? They should have been pink, but Wayne, knowing the consequences, went out on a limb to wear orange gloves after he found out orange is the colour for Leukaemia. A hearwarming story; thanks Mike.