Chappell: Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?

According to Mike Chappell, and to the current AFC standings, the Colts are right on the verge of – brace yourselves – a playoff conversation. A break down of this year's AFC, through 7 weeks of play:

1. Houston (6-1)
2. Baltimore (5-2)
3. New England (4-3)
4. Denver (3-3)
5. San Deigo (3-3)
6. Miami (3-3)
7. Pittsburgh (3-3)
8. Indianapolis (3-3)
9. New York Jets (3-4)
10. Tennessee (3-4)
11. Buffalo (3-4)
12. Cincinnati (3-4)
13. Oakland (2-4)
14. Jacksonville (1-5)
15. Kansas City (1-5)
16. Cleveland (1-6)

What it means to me: the AFC is disturbingly bad this year. Baltimore fell flat against Houston, New England's beaten Buffalo, Denver, New York, and Tennessee – a lot of 'good' teams there – while going 0-2 in interconference play. In fact, the only AFC teams to boast winning records against the NFC are Indy, Pittsburgh, and Cincy; the conference on a whole is a combined 9-19. Three over-.500 teams.

The NFC has eight.

If there's a year for the Colts to be bad, but unpredictable, it's this year. Imagine them with a defense, for instance. Doesn't that seem like a possible sleeper? I mean, a full linebacking squad, and more than one regular starter on the d-line … if they heal up, I could almost see them making it. Almost.

We'll see.