Chappell: Odds against a Wayne return

Mike Chappell would love to see Reggie Wayne return but knows the odds aren’t great:

ANSWER: I would put the odds of Reggie returning at less than 50-50. I agree it would be a huge boost to Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III to have a quality receiver. Just not sure that’s going to happen. I don’t believe Reggie wants to break the bank on what will be his final contract, but he’s not going to give a huge discount. I remember asking him about that near the end of the season, whether he might give the Colts a “blue-light special.’’ He said, ‘I don’t shop at Kmart.’’ From talking with Jim Irsay, I get the impression the top two priorities are Robert Mathis and Pierre Garcon. I agree with Mathis, but I am not sold of Garcon. He makes great plays, doesn’t always make the routine ones. One other reason I hope Reggie returns – he’s the best interview in the locker room. Great talker. Genuine.