Chappell: Luck, Not Afraid to Run

As Mike Chappell notes, four high-profile quarterbacks were knocked around a lot last weekend; Culter and Smith are uncertain for Sunday, Roethlisberger is ruled out already, and Vick is probably out against Washington. Still, according to Chappell, Andrew Luck will continue to run as far as his team needs him to.

Luck already has set a single-season franchise record by rushing for five touchdowns. His 159 rushing yards rank No. 10 among NFL rookies, and that includes running backs. It's the most rushing yards by a Colts QB since Jim Harbaugh, one of Luck's coaches at Stanford, accumulated 206 in 1997.

It's a dangerous risk; if Luck goes out, the Colts's season is effectively over. If he doesn't run, they lose one of their best options on the offense. So, should he continue to put himself in the open?

If they want any shot at the playoffs, I almost think he needs to.