Chappell: Find perspective on Caldwell

Mike Chappell believes that Caldwell will stay and expects an announcement in the next two days. That said he implores fans to take a harder look at Caldwell’s performance over the last three years:

ANSWER: I expect something to be announced Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. And I expect Caldwell to return. I know that’s not what you or a lot of Colts fans want to hear. Just a feeling I have. New general manager Ryan Grigson was supposed to have met with Caldwell over the weekend. I tried to get a feel for which direction owner Jim Irsay was learning when we talked with him last Wednesday during the press conference to announce the hiring of Grigson. A few things that struck me was he still believes in continuity if at all possible and he mentioned this can’t be a popularity contest. The latter seemed to refer to the possibility of a decision on Caldwell not being popular with the fan base, but the right thing to do for the organization. We’ll see. Again, I expect a decision Tuesday or Wednesday and I expect Colts Nation to be upset by it. However it plays out, I wish part of the media and most of the fans would have given Caldwell credit for the successes prior to 2011. He wasn’t just along for the ride. Had the Colts properly covered a kickoff in the playoff 2010 playoff game with the Jets, they would have advanced and Caldwell would have put forth one of the best coaching jobs in recent memory considering the injuries the Colts had to deal with. I won’t defend Caldwell, his staff or management for 2011. Even with Peyton Manning’s absence, no way should this team have started 0-13 and finished 2-14.

Todd Smith

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