Chappell: Colts’ cornerbacks need thick skin and try to deliver payback

Mike Chappell of The Indianapolis Star talked with Jerraud Powers and Vontae Davis about how cornerbacks need to be able to forget a bad play, come back out, and get their revenge.  Chappell also mentions that statistically, the Colts’ secondary has struggled:

Powers agreed. On the surface, it appears the team’s 2009 third-round pick is in the midst of an inconsistent season. According to Pro Football Focus, he has allowed four touchdown passes while breaking up seven passes, second-most in the NFL. QBs are completing 26-of-46 passes directed at Powers (56.5 percent) and have a 97.3 rating.

As many, and I mean many, have pointed out, it’s really difficult for a cornerback to cover anyone consistently well when the pass rush is struggling.  A great pass rush can make good defensive backs look even better, giving the quarterback less time, and leaving less time for receivers to get open.  A great pass rush sets up cornerbacks and safeties for greater success in coverage. Conversely, a poor pass rush…well, you get the idea.

The Colts’ pass rush has struggled at times this season, even when blitzing.  When there is a blitz, and five or more defenders rush the quarterback unsuccessfully, the situation is compounded for the defensive backs.   Davis, Powers, and Vaughn have even less help in coverage, while the quarterback, like Weeden last week, is able to sit back and pick his spots comfortably against fewer defenders.

Injuries can certainly a role here as the team is not very deep on defense.  So as the team heals up, especially the front seven, there is hope that a pass rush can once again contribute to better coverage.  In the meantime, it’s good to know the Colts’ cornerbacks have thick skin, and are ready to get back out there and try to “deliver payback” after a bad play.  But enough of my ramblings, scroll back up and check out Chappell’s article.  He never fails to have something good during the week.