Chappell: Colts Best Plays of 2012

Mostly memorable, always important, Mike Chappell's 11 best plays of the season summarize Indy's run from a bottom-ranked team to a viable contender. Interestingly, five of the eleven came against NFC North opponents (easily the best division in the NFC), while five others were all final scores in close games.

Luck-to-Avery, Week 13 at Detroit

It was the game's final play, one that hushed a sellout crowd at Ford Field. Facing a fourth-and-10 at the Lions 14-yard line with 3 seconds remaining, Luck moved to his right to avoid pressure. Suddenly in the open field, he briefly considered tucking the ball and running. Luck then noticed receiver Donnie Avery slanting left-to-right in front of him. He flipped the ball to Avery and followed him into the end zone to join the celebration of the 35-33 win. It was the first time since 1990 the Colts had scored the winning touchdown on the final play of the fourth quarter.

I remember some Manning-era highlights. Marvin Harrison's grab against New England right before his only celebration (which ironically cost the Colts 15 yards when the spiked ball hit a ref). The Marlin Jackson pick against … New England, and more importantly, Tom Brady. There was a Wayne catch in Arizona somewhere in there. Still, I'm having a hard time picking out a single season since the Superbowl that's quite as memorable as this one.