Chappell admits tunnel vision

Mike Chappell admits that his tendency this time of year to become fixated on one player or problem area. With so many holes this year it’s hard to pick one spot that doesn’t cause me to hyperventilate as well. Yet Mike and I have locked onto the same problem area, namely tight end:

One of the problems I have when approaching the draft is I tend to get tunnel vision on a certain position. This year, that’s wide receiver/tight end. Depending upon how the Colts’ personnel folks have arranged their board, I would like to see them find a solid WR/TE at the top of the second round (pick No. 34 overall). The receiver position is thin and Reggie Wayne turns 34 in November. Makes sense to find his eventual successor now and allow him to grow a year or two under Reggie’s leadership. It would intrigue me greatly if Stanford’s Coby Fleener still is on the board at No. 34. I imagine Luck would lobby hard to have his college teammate join him in Indy. The problem is, if the Colts covet Fleener, they might have to move into the bottom of round one to get him. I wouldn’t rule that out.

Todd Smith

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