CBS: Week Three Picks, a Bit on Richardon

Spoiler: Indy's not favoured against San Francisco. Even after the 49ers' Sunday night display, most people will be picking against Indy this week – for good reason. That being said, I picked Indy over Green Bay last year, and look how that turne-

Wait, the Colts were at home last year? … damn. Anyway, CBS has San Fran probably winning on Sunday, especially because – as Will Brinson puts it:

Jim Harbaugh is an insane person and hates losing and following a loss he usually ends up dominating someone. After a loss or tie (and not counting season openers since those aren't linked) Harbaugh's 49ers teams have averaged 24 points per game.

Non-sequitur time.

I'll be honest: for all of their defensive woes, the Colts have only scored 41 points in two games. Not terrible, of course, but a good offense would be able to beat teams that only score 17 and 24 points. Blame it on the defense not getting off the field. Blame it on the offensive line letting them down. But – at the end of the day – expecting your defense to hold a team under 20 points every game isn't a formula for success.

On that note, why is it that watching the Colts play offense is like watching my brother play Madden '07? Three runs in a row? Eight passes in a row? Their playcalling has become narrow-minded and repetitive, and I'm half-inclined to grab the controller from Pep Hamilton and start running underneath slant routes just to open the field up.

Come on, Pep. This is All-Madden. You can't pull that garbage.