Carpenter: Indy existed before Super Bowl

Dan Carpenter of the Indianapolis Star reminds us that although the city has basked in the glow of an incredibly complimentary media, it’s not as if Indianapolis didn’t exist before this game:

Since long before this current craziness, we have been an occupied city. The big stores, the utility companies, the factories, the mass media are mostly controlled from elsewhere, and a good many of today’s movers and shakers are outsiders as well.

We’re not good enough for them. Well, we’re not good enough for me, either. I won’t pretend we ever were the tolerant, entrepreneurial, educated metropolis we should aspire to be.

But we were not a backwater waiting for pro football and Sunday booze to pull us up by our bib overall straps.

That this stereotype has been embraced, either through ignorance or by design, is itself an indictment of the image- and opinion-makers who claim to know what’s best for us when they barely bother to learn what’s good about us.

It’s quite a read.

Todd Smith

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