Can Manning catch Favre, Marino?

Obviously Peyton Manning felt he had unfinished business. Among the items on his to-do list are some records currently held by Brett Favre and Dan Marino. Weller Ross takes a look at those records and finds that Manning may find himself at the top of the charts sooner rather than later:

So similarly to completions, Peyton should catch Marino this year, and despite being 109 behind Favre, this category is the one that he has the shot at catching Favre in the soonest. It’s incredibly unlikely that Peyton averages 36 touchdowns per season over the next three years (though, that is exactly what he did during the three-year stretch from 2004 through 2006).

What’s significantly more likely is Peyton averaging at least 27 touchdowns per season over the course of four years, which he has done in any and every four-year stretch of his career, including his first four seasons (1998-2001), and even if you include the 2011 season (which he obviously didn’t play in) he wasn’t all that far off from that mark during the 2008-2011 stretch, averaging over 23 TDs, which is incredible.

Either way, Peyton Manning could catch Marino within two years for all four of these statistical categories, whereas it will likely take four, five, or maybe six years for him to catch Favre.

Todd Smith

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