But can he throw?

Peyton Manning has been cleared the play but we don’t if he can play. His ability to throw the ball is the next big hurdle for the future Hall of Famer. As Greg Cowan and others have said the best way for Manning to either earn the $28 million option bonus or a huge payday from another team is to do just that–prove he can throw the ball. It turns out no one is saying he can throw the ball:

Aside from Irsay’s concerns over Manning’s long-term health, it’s likely Manning won’t be able to demonstrate — to a certainty — his right arm is as good as new before the deadline.

How long before Manning’s comeback is complete?

“I don’t have any idea,” Condon said.

What percentage is Manning?

“I don’t know that there’s any way to quantify that or measure it,” Condon said.