Burke: Fleener a breakout candidate in ’13

Although he's not the only one to say it this offseason, Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated thinks Coby Fleener is a prime candidate for a second-year breakout season. 

I have to agree, which is why I ranked Fleener 12th in my 90-player power rankings. A healthy Fleener in the new system should be a huge improvement over last year. 

Anyway, here are Burke's comments on Fleener

Fleener did not have a bad rookie season, per se. It’s just that injuries limited him to 12 games, and fellow rookie tight end Dwayne Allen (taken 30 spots lower than Fleener in last year’s draft) lapped him with 45 receptions to Fleener’s 26. Indianapolis expects more out of its 2012 second-rounder, especially given his time with Andrew Luck at Stanford — Fleener caught 10 touchdown passes in his senior year.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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