Brunner: With One Win, Colts May Have Transformed Season

Like many others this week, Conrad Brunner, an excellent writer, examines the Colts’ possibilities of greatly exceeding expectations, or even a run at the playoffs (Playoffs?) Indianapolis does have some potentially good matchups on the horizon that have us all, including Brunner, a little giddy.  However, Brunner tempers these hopes with some realism to help prevent us from heaping unfair expectations upon this team:

It is important to remain grounded, however. In the NFL, things can come undone very quickly. Lose to the Jets and this bubble of optimism would burst.

Bruce Arians knows. The interim coach warned his team of just that. The Green Bay game showed the Colts how good they can be; it also illustrated how bad. This past Sunday was in no small part fueled by the emotional feelings for coach Chuck Pagano as he battles leukemia. Moving forward, beginning this week, it must be about nothing other than the business at hand.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt the last 30 minutes is a standard that we’ve set for ourselves now,” he said. “We played smarter, we played faster, we played up to our ability. Now, we have to maintain that.

The Colts really only played one half they can be proud of in Week 5 (extremely proud).  We need to remember, this is a young group, prone to inconsistencies and mistakes.  I see a team that really could make the playoffs.  However, they need to follow Arians’ advice. Moreover, they need to figure out what they’re going to do when the next opponent tries to take Reggie Wayne away or worse still, tries to bait Luck into going to his favorite target only to have a defender make a break on the ball after it’s thrown.  They need to remember that Green Bay missed two field goals and a two-point conversion and possibly left a touchdown on the field with less than a minute left. They need to remember there is still a great deal of work to be done.

However, if these young Colts stay grounded and keeps this win in perspective, this season could shape up to be one wild (card) ride.

Make sure you scroll back up to Brunner’s article.  It’s a good read.