Brunner: Arians the right man at the right time for Colts

The 2012 Colts might be the biggest story in the NFL this year and one of the guys who has played a huge role in it is interim HC Bruce Arians. 

He definitely deserves a lot of credit for this magical season. He's coached a very young team, with lots of flaws, to a 9-4 (8-2 since Arians took over) season and, although it probably won't happen, they can actually win the division. But most importantly, it looks like he has been the perfect replacement for Colts HC Chuck Pagano:

In many ways, Arians was the perfect man for this imperfect situation.When Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia in late September, the Colts desperately needed not only a strong leadership figure but someone that could bring positive energy – not to mention smiles – to a franchise in pain.

At age 60, Arians had been through just about every other possible scenario as a coach, so was prepared as possible for this one. His honest approach in the locker room and on the sideline has been welcomed by the players. His quick wit and refreshing candor has been a delight for the media. 

He hasn't been perfect but he has done a great job in a really tough situation. He also deserves some credit on developing Andrew Luck this season and making things work with so many issues in both defense and offense. When the team has looked lost or in really difficult situations, he's been able to guide the Colts to unbelievable victories. 

Arians is considered by many as one of the favorites for Coach of the Year and rightfully so. He's had many questionable calls with the Colts but just as the rest of the team, he has improved week after week.

No one would be surprised if he leaves the Colts in 2013. A few teams would definitely give him the chance to be their HC.