Brooke: Players on the Verge of Being Cut

We saw a few of them last year, but some Colts – like RB Delone Carter – will be hard pressed to find a spot on Indy's roster when the season starts. In light of that, Tyler Brooke writes about a few players on the verge of being cut; to be fair, some of they guys he points out were long shots to begin with.

I understand that guys on the inside of the defensive line are supposed to be big, but Montori Hughes just doesn't look strong going up against the offense.  In the one-on-one drills I've seen him in, he's been dominated for the most part, appearing the be unable to get separation or drive back the blocker.  Bleacher Report's Kyle Rodriguez was at training camp with me on Tuesday night and was also disappointed in Hughes.

Especially on the eve of Indy's first depth chart, guys like Hughes and Carter seem to be buried already; whether they'll linger on Indianapolis is likely due to the players above them. For instance, if Ahmad Bradshaw can't get healthy before the regular season starts, the chances of Indy keeping Carter go way up.

Otherwise, we probably won't see much of him past the preseason, if at all.