Brooke: Luck’s second year vs. Manning’s second year

As you'd expect, they're actually pretty similar. Still, when comparing Andrew Luck to Peyton Manning – as Tyler Brooke comments – it's difficult to hold them under the same lens. Anyway, the results, as per Bleacher Report, are very interesting (and it's a pretty short read, so go for it).

Of course, we have to take into account the team around the two players. In 1999, the Colts gave up just 14 sacks, as opposed to the 31 sacks allowed so far this season.  Luck has been without future Hall of Fame receiver Reggie Wayne along with promising tight end Dwayne Allen, not to mention the mess in the backfield.  For Peyton, he had the likes of Edgerrin James, Marvin Harrison and Marcus Pollard around him, giving him a very solid team to work with.

Right now, it's difficult to judge. Manning is certainly the most resilient quarterback to ever play, after coming back from a neck injury to win the M.V. … well, wait a second. He technically didn't last year. Point is, he's put in two straight M.V.P. caliber seasons while in his mid-thirties; that probably won't happen again.

Again though, Luck has a long way to go before he gets there. More importantly, Indy's current QB will have to work through a very injury-prone, next-man-up system; Manning was working on a team where, for '96 to '06, they drafted:

– Marvin Harrison
– Tarik Glenn (longstanding, excellent o-lineman)
– Peyton Manning
– Edgerrin James
– Rob Morris (decent starter, probably the worst on this list though)
– Reggie Wayne
– Dwight Freeney
– Dallas Clark
– … no one ('04)
– Marlin Jackson (NEW ENGLAND, BABY)
– Joseph Addai

In other words, Indy's draft went very far downhill leading up to the '12 offseason; even this season, Indy's best selections have panned into mediocre linemen and linebackers. With that in mind, Luck will have a very difficult time following Manning's legacy. Ah well.