Brooke: Grading The Positions

With the preseason just around the corner, Indy's depth chart is nearly complete; with that in mind, Bleacher Report's Tyler Brooke has the grades for each group of players. Spoiler: Indy's offense looks slightly better than their defense.

At the end of the 2012 season, the Colts had a lot of holes on their roster.  Ryan Grigson and the rest of the front office understood that, and they came into free agency with a lot of cap space, using most of it to bring in a number of players. Along with free agency, the Colts also had a solid draft in April.  Now, the weaknesses don't seem so weak anymore, and the team is coming into camp feeling very optimistic about the coming season.

To be honest, there probably isn't a single squad that hasn't upgraded from last year to now. Andrew Luck will only get better, Allen and Fleener are gradually building hype as one of the best tight end pairings in the league; Donald Brown went from being their best running back to a possible training camp cut.

Speaking of, after watching the tape from last year … Brown was pretty good last year. With a terrible offensive line, and rarely used in the second half, he still managed some pretty big carries before getting injured. Unless it will make a big difference financially, I'd definitely take Brown over Carter.