Bowen: Hasselbeck Adds Important Veteran Presence to Team

I mean, let's be honest – Indy's backup quarterback plan has been like the house fire extinguisher – there, but only unitized if something's gone terribly wrong. This year's fire extinguisher, Matt Hasselbeck, brings something more to the table – as told by's Kevin Bowen.

“No one can sleep, it’s late at night, everyone is replaying every little thing and we watched the film together,” Hasselbeck says recalling the tape session.

“It’s an opportunity for me to say to our receivers, ‘Hey, one thing you could do to help the quarterback here is this.’ Or for me to say, ‘Hey here’s how the quarterback is going to read this play, you have time to put a little sugar at the top of your route.’ Things like that maybe they help, maybe they don’t.”

This is basically the equivalent of your fire extinguisher giving you lectures after a nasty toaster-over fire. Also, after watching Hasselbeck against St. Louis, it seems like (god forbid) he might actually be able to step in for a few plays if need be, and do his job.

I hate to bring up Curtis Painter again, but HOLY HELL was that guy awful.