Bowen: Butler Takes Matters Into His Own Hands, Forces Three Turnovers

Three games, one turnover. Indianapolis had a grand total of 3 turnovers on the season, in eight games … worse than Kansas City (and every Colts fan just got depressed). Anyway, Darius Butler, not ever on their roster earlier in the season, decided enough was enough – according to Kevin Bowen, Butler's example lead the defense to their best game of the season.

“It’s frustrating playing, doing the right things and not getting the ball,” Butler said.  “We knew we just had to stay the course, do our fundamentals and techniques and they would start coming.  Today they came.”

With Mathis out (and therefore, Freeney), the Colts had four sacks. Remember the bust, Jerry Hughes? He's had two sacks in their last three games. Jerrell Freeman has been their best defender this season, amassing 73 tackles, a sack, and a pick through nine games. So, if at the start of the season, I told you Indy's best defender would be a former CFL standout, their backup OLB would be second on the team for sacks, and that Darius Butler would be winning games for them by week 9 …

Alternately, at 6-3, they're alone in third in the AFC; with a Houston loss (plausible, this week), they could be a single game out in the division. More importantly, if they can manage to beat the Patriots in Foxborough, will anyone doubt this team?