Bowen: A Drive-By-Drive Replay

Sunday's game against Oakland went by curiously fast. I mean, I watch baseball too, and if games don't last at least six hours, I'm unsatisfied. Ultimate joy? The last two minutes of basketball games. In seriousness, with both defences failing to get off the field drive after drive, strong run games, and the only real stoppages coming when Terrell Pryor used his arm, it seemed – to me – that Sunday's game flew by.

Of course, none of that has to do with Kevin Bowen's drive summary, via

The score: Allen’s lone catch on the afternoon shows just how valuable he is to the Colts offense. The second-year tight end lined up on the right side of the line of scrimmage and ran a route down the middle of the field. Luck, who was under immense pressure from Raiders defensive tackle Vance Walker, delivered the ball to Allen at about the four-yard line. Allen had a free release off the line of scrimmage, caught the ball a few yards short of the goal line and did the rest to get into the end zone for the Colts second touchdown.

Of course, as most people are (by now) aware, Dwayne Allen a) got injured and taken out of the game, and b) seems to be okay. That's the good news. The bad? With only 23 pass attempts, Andrew Luck ended up targeting his tight ends three times. The best young tight end duo in the league, and hey! 2/3 for 27 yards and a touchdown?

Not bad, just not enough.