Boston Herald: Luck shows signs of Manning

Part of the magic of the 2012 season so far is that Andrew Luck has been doing a terrific job under the worst circumstances. Especially the pressure of replacing the greatest QB of all time. 

Comparisons between both Luck and Manning are, to a point, annoying but at the same time, really easy to make. It's almost inevitable. For some, like former Colts WR Aaron Moorehead, they started a long time ago:


“The first time I met Andrew, as the year wore on, it was so weird. It was amazing the similarities they had on the field and off the field,” Moorehead said of the Luck and Manning comparison, when reached on Monday. “They both have a serious side to them. But there’s also a goofy, fun side to both of them.

“I know they’ve known each other a while. Their families have known each other. Peyton’s someone Andrew looked up to, and to be able to emulate some of the things Peyton has been able to do in his career as a young guy is pretty neat. He has another 14 or 15 years to see how he matches up in the long term.

Forget about his stats, the records he now owns, or the 6-3 record the Colts have. Luck has been much bigger than that. The transition with Luck hasn't been as tough as I thought it would be. It has been so smooth and even after only 9 games, the season has already been magical.

By this time of the year, I would've expected debates about who the Colts should take with a top-10 pick. Instead, the Colts have a very realistic shot at making the playoffs. 

He definitely has been the best replacement we could ever hope for.