Biehl: Bright Future for Fleener, Possibly

There were a few parts of Daniel Biehl's article on Colby Fleener that caught my eye. First he mentions that, in retrospect, Dwayne Allen was utilized by Arians in the same way that Heath Miller was, when Arians was in Pittsburgh; as a result, his style of play might change significantly with Arians gone. Then there's this:

Tight ends usually develop slowly compared to other positions on the field. Antonio Gates, Tony Gonzalez, Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski, and Jason Witten all doubled their rookie production during their second seasons. Fleener definitely has the potential to follow a similar career path …

With Pep Hamilton's experience coaching the second year TE, Fleener's play should begin to resemble his Stanford days. It's surprising that the Colts have added as many major offensive pieces as they have, but – best case scenario – that should free up enough room for Fleener to break out.