Barnwell: Does momentum carry over?

In this piece, Grantland's Bill Barnwell takes a look at the strange, mythical creature known as momentum. While the debate over momentum's impact in the playoffs is often a subject of taken-too-far message board debates, Barnwell looks at momentum from a different angle, discovering whether momentum can carry over into the next season.

It makes sense on some level that a team that heats up as the season goes along would play better during the subsequent campaign. The improvement in its record can be a measure of a young team finding its place and developing chemistry with one another. It can help the team develop some level of confidence that extends into the following year. It can also encourage management to be more aggressive during the offseason and spend big bucks in free agency that it would otherwise have held on to. But is there any actual evidence that teams that have hot second halves carry their success over to the following year?


Kyle J. Rodriguez

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