Backup RB spot still TBD

Eric Smith of Bleacher Report has a great writeup of the backup running back situation. As we’ve seen the running backs have all had moments of greatness. The question becomes: who backs up Donald Brown? Like many of you, he’s got Vick Ballard on the brain:

What none of us saw coming was rookie Vick Ballard being such a big threat this soon. The fifth-round pick in April’s draft has been a pleasant surprise and is in contention for Brown’s backup spot in the offense.

Ballard is leading the Colts rushing attack right now with 62 yards on 16 carries in two games. He’s nearly gaining four yards per carry, which is a fantastic weapon for the Colts to utilize.

Ballard can keep the defense guessing and really help QB Andrew Luck in the play action. If he can continue getting nearly four yards every time he touches the football, that will get the Colts first downs every time in short-yardage situations and make the defense creep up toward the line of scrimmage when he’s in.

Todd Smith

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