Backup QB issues not uncommon

Scott Stinson of the National Post points out that the Polians were the only front office rolling the dice on backup QBs:

This was a year in which two National Football League teams, Indianapolis and Chicago, went from likely playoff teams to out of the post-season — in the case of the Colts, waaaaay out — when they discovered, far too late, that they had backup quarterbacks who kind of stunk. It was a year in which three other also-rans, Philadelphia, Oakland and Kansas City, might have been preparing for a playoff game this weekend had they made a point of having a serviceable backup pivot.

Polian regrets not having a better backup quarterback and claims it cost him the job.  Chicago fired a GM and an offensive coordinator at least in part due to issues with the QB position.  The Chiefs canned Todd Haley whose offense sputtered after he gave up playcalling.  Oakland finally hired a GM who promptly fired his coach even though Hue Jackson’s offense wasn’t horrible–his decision to give up a King’s ransom for Carson Palmer was horrible however.  And in Philadelphia Andy Reid is still smiling somehow after trading Kevin Kolb and watching the dynamic duo of Mike Vick and Vince Young implode.